Dave Grohl explains why the new Foo album is so fucking amazing!

I’ve been sitting and wondering about this new Foo Fighters album and why although so commercial and non-Foo Fighters is so amazing to my ears. I haven’t been seeing many rave reviews or friends sharing the new album or music video on Facebook that much, which is saying a lot when 90% of my friends on Facebook are musos or cult music followers…

Although the album is super commercial and has a poppy sound, I felt that it was still so truthfully Foo Fighters and way better than Sonic Highways. Now, I’m no muso, actually I’m no writer either but I’m a fucking passionate music lover and someone who’d go way too much out of my way to ensure that good music gets heard.

I wanted to review ‘Concrete and Gold’ because I felt like it was so groundbreaking, that was till I had to define why I felt it was. Look I might have bought the best steel string Cort and I might have penned down some lyrics in the past, but I can’t even tell you what’s the first chord that I would learn if I wanted to start playing music, so when this new video of Dave Grohl talking about “The Making of Concrete and Gold” released I was so happy.

If you like the album or if you’re a fan have a look at the video below:

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