Dominic Neill on “Out Of My League”

Photos by Canton Parker

We recently got to know Dominic Neill a little better after the release of his debut album, “Out Of My League”. Find out more about this talented artists right now:

How would you say your music and your approach to music has changed since you entered Idols in 2012?
I think the biggest difference is that I have spent the time learning about my strengths and weaknesses as a musician and that has made a huge difference for me. It’s allowed me to really hone my craft and really strive to be better across the board. Idols showed me that I had the potential to achieve within the music industry, but I needed to take the time after the show to grow and learn in order to progress from potential to a tangible contributor to the music industry.

How long did you work on your debut album? Where did you find inspiration and any recurrent themes throughout the album?
The whole journey started with an EP in mind but it went on to become an album as the process progressed. I spent about 9 months on the album working with different people across the country and even in Australia and Germany as well. Everything I write about has been something that I’ve come in direct contact with. I look for stories that might not be that foreign to others but still have elements of being unique to my life and my experience of them. Love is strong throughout the album and generally everything I write. I just feel that love is so powerful in the sense that you are probably at your most happy when you’re in love but you’re also at your lowest when you fall out of love when you have your heart broken. So love really provides a massive blank canvas of emotions and permutations to write about and explore.


Photo by Canton Parker


You chose the title track as not only the album name, but also the first single from the album. Why this decision and this particular song?
I don’t think there’s one particular reason “Out Of My League” became the single, but I think we all had a good feeling about it and felt it would work. In terms of it being the title track of the album, I just love honesty and “humility” of that as a title for a debut album and honesty is the one thing I live my life by.

How did the collaborations on the album come about / how did you choose to work with these certain individuals?
Universal have been a massive asset to my career across the board and they also helped me secure these collaborations. Both A’rese and Lady Zamar are signed to Universal as well and tapping into the Universal family is just so great and both the ladies killed their parts on the songs.

Besides a now full-length album – what else can we expect from Dominic Neill in the upcoming months?
Who knows! I try and be open minded and really just focus on working hard. There are a couple of features and other collaborations in the works and I’m busy planning a second trip to Berlin to go and write with people over there so that’s about it. I also really hope to expose more and more people to my live show and be able to share the music using that medium as well. Onwards and upwards I hope.

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