EP Review: Josh Wantie – Paper Crowns

Paper Crown is light and easy to listen to with and pleasing harmony between the vocals and the instruments. Josh Wantie’s “Go Under” is a song that would be lovely to hear after a hard day of work when you turn your radio’s volume up. This song, as well as “Fall Again” holds epic beats and instrumentals along with melancholic and heartbreaking lyrics, paired with somewhat ‘chilled’ music throughout the EP.

This EP has much potential for commercial radio due to its soulfulness and its familiar subject matter in his lyrics, accompanied by its lighter tone. “Paper Crown” is undoubtedly a hit song that needs to hit the airwaves for all to enjoy. Wantie’s musical style is a tasteful mix between electronic and semi-acoustic instrumental work that is incredibly pleasing to the ear. A well-rounded and full sound switches between layers of simple piano and guitar riffs and layers of electronic music and vocal loops. Each song in this EP has some potential of ending up as a sing-along radio song.

In Paper Crowns, Josh Wantie employs pop elements with some indie tonal influences that are interesting but risk sounding like everything else in the market today. Yes, it is complex enough musically, and production value is remarkable, but Josh Wantie’s struggle will be to be remembered after a stint on the radio in circles of influence outside of Durban. Despite this, Josh Wantie is VERY important as another member of Durban’s growing music scene and cultural scene in general. It is hopeful that he can make a success of himself, and to grow his music further to create interesting and tasteful tracks for local pop music.


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