EP REVIEW: Subject To Slaughter – Eschatology

There’s always this excitement when playing a new EP for the first time. No matter how many times I’ve heard a band perform live, it’s always a different experience for me when I can just put in my earphones, drown out the world and appreciate the music for what it is. Receiving Subject to Slaughter’s debut EP, Eschatology, last week was no different for me.

Having competed in the Wacken Metal Battle South Africa finals in Johannesburg a few weeks back, Subject to Slaughter has definitely selected the best possible time to release this EP. They’re still fresh in everyone’s minds as W:O:A finalists and great musicians. I was a little concerned before hitting the play button on their “Intro” as I’ve found myself listening to far too many metalcore bands recently who all seem to have the same sound. Well, this melodic djent-core band is anything but just another metalcore band. From start to finish this six track EP displays the guys’ desire to have their own unique sound – and they nail it.

As the “Intro” begins with a quiet melodic tune you can already sense that they’re going to pick up the pace and go into something huge. In “Massacre in Paradise” the boys show off some incredibly impressive guitar skills and the rest of the EP stays on par. Eschatology is very well put together and the mixing by Mike Cubic of 7 String Studios is on point. Well done guys on the release of a great EP, I can’t wait to hear what the five of you bring out next.


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