EP REVIEW: The Loneliest Monk – Let’s Talk

The Loneliest Monk is a brand new musical outfit, recently emerged from the intricate woodwork that is Cape Town’s underground music scene. Hailing from beneath the genre of stoner jazz, The Loneliest Monk comprises of James Nevin (Unknown James) and Christian Chandler. Hot on the heels of their inception comes their debut offering, a two track mixtape EP, ‘Let’s Talk’.

Curiously married into one eight-minute track, the EP carefully and concisely lays out just what this duo have to offer. The project opens on a warping, high key synth progression, which swiftly gives way as a quiet, jazzy electro melody seeps into the mix and takes over. Varying synth intrusions weave in amongst one another, intermittently sidling in from the peripheral to take to the forefront of the track time and time again – and in no distinct sequence.

Their sound is slow and effortlessly ambient. Easy listening melodies comfortably pair with a blunted baseline, laced with jazzy synth work. A vocal intrusion makes its appearance about halfway through, in the form of interview audio. It drifts in and out of the limelight of the track, never quite long enough to fully make out what she subject is saying. However, it does lend a curiously intricate element to the track as a whole, gracefully fishing the song out of the puddle of monotony into which it had slipped.

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