Get Ready for Rock the River. CTMS Interview : Crossfire Collision

Interview by : Kaylene Overall (kayoverall)

Crossfire Collision is a melodic punk rock band based in Cape Town, South Africa. Veteran punks, slackers, skaters and surfers,the four musicians cut and broke their teeth jamming in local acts like The Doppler Effect, LPShow, Sweet Victory and A B Turbo . This is the intro to their press kit. They are ready to rock your socks off at Rock the River. Hear what they have to say.

Who are you as band most looking forward to see perform live at Rock The River?
Matt: The line-up is pretty insane this year, and I’m always amped to see our friends Hogs, Sabretooth, Half Price, and Fox Comet tearing it up. I’m also just as amped for Wrestlerish and 7th Son.
Devon: Ditto to the above, but also want to spend some time at the Metal Stage to catch Chromium, Megalodon, Bulletscript, All Guns Full Ammo and Past Haunts.
Craig: Chromium. Metal stage.

What can people expect from your performance at Rock The River?
Matt: They should definitely expect some fast sing-along punk rock tunes! We’re expecting stagediving and injuries.
Jim: Maybe some broken bones? But, you know, in a good way.
Devon: We’ve been practising like mad for our Durban Tour, Synergy and now RTR, so hoping for a solid and fun set
Craig: I will be wet.

Crossfire Collision by Nick James

What has been the best thing a fan / critic has said to you this year?
Matt: Last year it was “Missed Crossfire…heard they were good”, but this year, Rolling Stone magazine said we sounded like we were channelling The Eagle’s guitar work during an acoustic set.
That was cool. Otherwise, a recent review on by Kenneth Keiser said our “mind-blowing sound belongs between great acts at huge festivals around the globe”. Nice!
Devon: Someone said I was the sexiest, tightest best guitarist in SA….nah that’s a lie.
Craig: “Absa will refund your 1Time tickets” (I’m sure the guy said he was a fan.)

Do you guys have any cures and / or remedies for those pre-show jitters?
Matt: We ALWAYS drink a pre-show tequila. Always.
Jim: Tequila. Also, before I sit on that drum throne, I sit on a throne of a different variety. Heh.
Devon: Tequila, whiskey and a few pints to boot.
Craig: Surf. Tequila.

Name three can’t-do-without items you always pack for a festival.
Jim: Box of ciggies, lighter, another box of ciggies.
Devon: Sun block (damn Soutie skin), beers, car comp.
Craig: Devon. What is a car comp?

Crossfire Collision by David Harrison

Tell us about one of your most epic festival experiences?
Matt: Outside of South Africa, definitely Download Festival 2005. That festival blew my face off. Locally, probably watching In Flames in March. But the only other band that I’ve gone more apeshit for was NOFX. I think I lost everything I brought with me that night, including my mind.
Jim: Drank beers with NOFX, drank beers with Frenzal Rhomb, drank beers with Lagwagon. I also saw PJ Powers when I was a kid, but didn’t drink any beer with her because the law frowns on kids drinking beer.
Devon: Shared the stage with NOFX, Bad Religion, Real mackenzies, Strung Out when I helped out on guitar for Hog Hoggidy Hog last year on their European tour…30 days of beer-fuelled punk rock bliss.
Craig: I keep trying to write this answer, but there are so very many unmentionables involved…

Looking back at 2012, what was your highlight of the year as artists?
Matt: So many…firstly, being able to tour Durban successfully and play festivals while completing the recording of our new album in between has been awesome. Hearing that The Blasting Room (founded by Bill Stevenson, of  The Descendants and Black Flag) are mastering our album is a huge highlight.
Jim: Definitely recording a full-length album with Crossfire. The mini-tour to Durban was incredible too; Lowprofile and Strage are a bunch of nice gents.
Devon: Recording, mixing and producing the Crossfire album…I was doing a bit of whining through it all because I wanted it perfect, but now that it’s wrapped up I couldn’t be happier.
Craig: Recording our upcoming album. A rather wild weekend in Durban.

Now that 2012 is drawing to a close, what can fans expect from you in the New Year? Any big plans?
Matt: A new album, music videos, bigger shows, more touring and hopefully inspiring more people to play punk rock!
Devon: JHB tour, music videos and shows galore.
Craig: Punk rock. More punk rock. Lots more.
Playing a festival like Rock the River must be exciting, but also daunting at the same time. What’s the process like of prepping for a festival like this?
Devon: Practising your stage moves in the mirror…naked.
Craig: Er, Devon?

Crossfire Collision by Nick James

Give us one of your short term and one long term goal for 2013?
Craig: New album to be released early 2013.
Jim: Getting a music video done as soon as possible is next on our list. As for long term, we are aiming to be the next biggest thing in Japan (after giant tentacle porn, obviously).
Devon: European Tour would rock balls

Who will be standing next to you for the NYE countdown?
Jim: Definitely my missus and the Crossfire lads (if we don’t somehow lose Craig. Again).
Craig: I, without a doubt, will be lost. Probably part-submerged in the vlei. Crocadilia eyes.

Performing can get really messy. Have any of you ever obtained an injury during a particularly raucous show?
Matt: I’ve fallen off the stage in previous bands, back when I wasn’t pinned down by a guitar, but no injuries yet in Crossfire.
Devon: I got glass in my finger before a show once…it was mildly sore.
Craig: It seems we need to rock out a little harder boys? Let’s obtain something nasty on New Year’s Eve. I pledge to career spectacularly off the side of the stage during song three.

What was the first album you ever bought and how has your musical taste developed over the years to influence what is now the band’s own personal punk rock sound?
Jim: I think it was Spermbird, ‘Something to Prove’, way back in the 90’s. It was on cassette and I ended up stretching the tape from overplaying the damn thing. I think that was the band that got me into playing 200 bpm drumbeats, and I’ve been doing that ever since.
Devon: I was handed a cassette of Bad Religion’s ‘No Substance’ and never looked back (besides my Cascada phase).
Craig: Vanilla Ice. It influenced my hair.

How many times have you been asked in an interview, where you got the name “Crossfire Collision” from?
Matt: Surprisingly never!
Jim: I got asked: “Why did you guys call the band Crossfire Information?”
Devon: We were listed as “Crossfire Collection, Colision Crossfire, Crossfire Information”. I think it’s a cool name that just sounds like chaos. It was either Crossfire Collision or “The Shart Collectors”,
still not sure if we chose wisely…
Craig: Is that a coy way of asking us how we got our name?

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