Get To Know Bombshelter Beast Before Park Acoustics

Interview by Elmarie Kruger (@elmariekr)

Photos provided by Bombshelter Beast


Park Acoustics in association with Southern Comfort and Griet  is going all out and even has the amazing Bombshelter Beast on the line up this year for the final whoo-haa of the year!

We chatted to Bombshelter Beast to find out more about them before their set at the Southern Comfort Main Stage at 12:00!

You will be performing at the last Park Acoustics event of 2016. What are your expectations for the day?
Bombshelter Beast has yet to explore a Park Acoustics event! This will be our first time (blush), so we don’t have too many expectations other than having a fabulous show in the warm sun and with all the other bands involved, it looks like everyone’s in for a treat.

What tracks can fams expect you to play during your set?
Well, that would be spoiling the surprise, wouldn’t it?! That being said, we’re going to vary our set; from one of SA’s biggest rap hits, to one of the worlds biggest ever opera hits. We’re also doing a collab with Jaco from Bittereinder which is gonna be huge, and in between we just keep grooving that AfroBalkan dance beat. And we got that guy with the biggest hair of all… Pitch Black Afro…

Who are you most excited to watch at Park Acoustics this November?
Ourselves of course, and everyone else bringing the crazy – Like the Tutus, and the big Mango …  Oh, has Wonderboom started playing gigs again?! Damn, I remember them from Oppikoppi ’97! Glad to see there are lots of muso’s who’ve been around the block a few times up there where they should be. We like Yugen Blakrok too, she’s dope.

Bombshelter Beast

Bombshelter Beast

This December you’ll be playing a few gigs in aid if the National Youth Orchestra. Why this cause, specifically?
These are our young brothers and sisters in music – how could we not support them?! They’re amazing, and they do great work, and it’s inspiring to be able to share our collective experience with these future musical stars. Plus the thought of Bombshelter Beast with an additional 80 mad muso’s is just insane, and way too crazy to ignore!

How will you be preparing for these gigs?
Earplugs most likely! Haha, were going to rehearse for a few days with the NYO before the first gig.. We’re recording a lot of the shows too, so that’s really exciting! We’re going to play BB tracks arranged specially for an extra 50 odd wind players, and also 30 odd string players!

What is the band’s favourite song to perform live?
That always varies! But at the moment I think its “Jampas Gannie Poppe Dans”  and “My Boyfriend’s a Hustla”.

There has been talk of the band releasing a highly anticipated debut album. What can we expect from this release?
You can expect much, and more! The album will feature, among others: Pule, Pitch Black Afro, Mapaputsi, Zolani Mahola, Jitsvinger, Zoe Modiga, Dionne Song and the Standford University Choir from California! But of course, the Beasts will be releasing some mad crazy shit!

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