Get To Know Josh Kempen (NEW SINGLE VIDEO)

One of South Africa’s hottest up & coming acts, Josh Kempen has just released his latest track just in time for hot summer days.  A 60’s rock ’n roll throwback, comparable to Kings of Leon’s early tracks and with a nod to the Beatles, this is the perfect track to kick off your shoes and get down to it.  We spoke to Josh and asked him about some up-and-coming gigs, and more about his music:

Tell us where your passion for music started?
I think like most people, I’ve really been passionate about music since I was really young.  Before I knew I wanted to be a musician, I remember putting on a lot of performances for my family or at school, or in front of the mirror – it all felt really good.  When we would drive to the coast from Brisbane on the weekend I’d always close my eyes and imagine I was singing the songs on the radio and it was really thrilling.  So I didn’t know it, but I was hooked back then, and when I started writing my own songs and performing them it was just a dream.

What is your aim with making music and who are you specifically making it for?
I’d like to make music that is important in other people’s lives, to build a supportive audience for it, and to perform it in front of a lot of people around the world.  Of course, I’d like to make a good living doing it.

Tell us about your recent video “Oh, Penny Lane”:
It’s the newest song I perform, I honestly just wrote it and at the time of performing it at that live session I hadn’t even finalised the words, but I just love the pace of it, and Saul’s drums, and the way it builds and resolves itself – it’s a really satisfying song to play and I’m proud to have written it.

Oh, Penny Lane from Josh Kempen on Vimeo.


You are already playing amazing gigs – Park Acoustics this Sunday, as well as The Courtyard Sessions at Trio Cafe with Openroom Productions – where would be your ultimate setting to play a live show?
It’s the audience that’s the most important, if you have a great audience with a lot of energy it really doesn’t matter where you are at all.

Would you like to collaborate with someone in the SA industry, and why?

Alice Phoebe Lou would be wonderful.  She is just incredible.

What does Josh Kempen enjoy doing in his off time?
Cooking at home with my girlfriend!

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