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Interview by Vicky Jankiewicz (@Vicky_JKWICZ)

Photos provided by Mind Pool


The Cape Town act, Mind Pool is gracing the North this month, with their Recurrence EP Launch tour.  We caught up with them before their Park Acoustics gig on Sunday at 12:00 – definitely live music you can’t miss:

“Mind Pool is a musical partnership born out of experimentation” – please explain how you guys started?
Mind Pool began as a solo recording project of Kenan’s in 2012, when he put out a bunch of demos of some early tracks.  The band came together soon after that, originally as a trio.  Since then we’ve changed drummers and added a second guitarist, and the sound has evolved accordingly along the way.

Tell us more about the members and what everyone does when they don’t play music?
Kenan is the handiest guy in the band, can fix anything and makes a mean cocktail at The Gin Bar on Wale Street several nights a week. Chris and Matt run a company called The Echo Department that specialises in making music and sound to order for films, ads, and other productions. John is a private chef and spends his non-musical time making (and eating) the best food.

You launched your EP in Cape Town in 2015, and now you are busy with a South African tour to further promote it – what are the challenges setting up a tour?
Putting a first-time tour together is very tricky, but fortunately we’ve all toured quite a bit with other bands so we know the ropes.  Still, staying on top of communication is a real challenge. Another is just getting enough guarantees to make sure our costs can be covered – even though touring is not a money-making exercise in this country, a lot of people in the industry still don’t understand that driving across the country to come play music in their towns isn’t cheap!


Mind Pool - Live

Mind Pool – photo provided by Mind Pool


What shows are you most looking forward to during your tour, and why?
We’ve got a bunch of cool shows lined up throughout the country.  Park Acoustics is definitely going to be a highlight.  We’ve all played it before in different bands so we know what to expect!  Kitcheners in JHB is another venue we know and love.

Park Acoustics is something that Cape Townians don’t have – what do you think makes it a #SundayFunday?
It’s a great concept that allows for a wide range of people to come support local music and have a great time. The setting is also really unique.

What makes a successful music act in South Africa – what advice can you give to up and coming local acts?
There’s a big difference in this country between music that’s good and music that’s successful, but we definitely believe that the best way to achieve both is to go for something really unique.  It’s the best thing for bands and the music scene as a whole to push boundaries and make something that the rest of the world can appreciate as well instead of going for bland sound-alike pop music.  It might not make you the most money, but it will make you grow as a musician.

What makes Mind Pool’s music unique and how do you guys make sure the audience is memorized by you?
Mind Pool has always been a bit of an experiment, so we’re constantly pushing ourselves to try new things onstage.  Our music demands quite a bit of attention (from the band itself as well as the audience) so we focus on making sure our performance is intricate and precise, but also live and expressive.  Music-making is a momentary thing, so we try to stay in that moment as much as possible.


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