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Photos by Canton Parker

We spoke to TiMO ODV recently about some of his new tunes. Check it out!

Your first EP was titled Origins, now MOVE. What’s up with the one title names – is that a thing or just a coincidence?
Definitely a choice, I don’t like lengthy names. My artist name already has too many syllables for my liking 🙂

With the massive success with singles from your first EP, did you feel any pressure going into studio to work on your new EP, to deliver music with the same commercial results?
No, I didn’t. I learnt after my first gold single that trying to follow people’s expectations will leave you empty
as a creator and artist. You just have to follow your heart and hope that enough people understand and
carry on supporting you.

Most producers who have found a winning recipe, will stick to it. Yet, with your new EP you ventured into a more darker sound. What inspired you to change your recipe and now make music with a darker sense?
Just doing what excites me and makes me happy. It’s what I started out doing and it’s what I realized I will continue doing. It’s better to have two people love your music and eight people hate it, than five people who only “like it”.

You have mentioned that you wrote MOVE. for radio, and Your Love for fans – how does the two processes differ when working on a song for you?
With Move I just tried to blend commercial and underground so that it can be play listed on radio to be heard by the masses, whereas Your Love I just made the song as is because I know the fans will find it and give it a listen with an open mind.

Why only two songs? How long will fans have to wait this time for more from TiMO ODV?
I will hopefully release more music in January. It took me a while to get right what I planned in my head instead of sticking to the typical radio formula. I had to try make something new work.

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