Psych Night x Red Bull: God Save The New Wave

God Save The New Wave – a title that had me reminiscing my National Anthem, although thankfully the similarities ended there. The album comprises 5 eclectic tracks, which complement one another with surprising ease.

Now, I am not the typical listener for the bands featured on this compilation, I grew up winding and grinding to 90s RnB. Yet on hitting play, I was soon lulled into a happy state of exciting contentment.

God Save The New Wave showcases original, alternative SA music. The kind that wouldn’t fit the average radio format. For the mainstream amongst us, these tracks are unconventional rubies waiting to be stumbled upon.

This compilation is a portable version of Psych Night – a concept that many fans of alternative SA music will find familiar. It started back in August 2012, with just 5 die-hard fans looking for a platform for the music they loved.

No-one was catering for fans of psych music back then. If you wanted to watch a psych band, you’d usually find them on a mismatched lineup in a venue that didn’t really suit the vibe.

Psych Night filled the void, starting out with small DJs gigs. Before long, it was forced to grow, to cope with the huge amount of National talent rushing forward to the platform. Psych Night became known and trusted as a brand that catered for the lovers of alternative music.

With God Save The New Wave, Psych Night showcases 5 talented and diverse bands from across South Africa. The opening track by The Deadly Bites from Joburg eases the listener in, with a gradual rhythmic crescendo, breathy vocal and original sound.

The following track comes from Cape Town’s Twin Weaver, and slams us straight into a beautiful whirlpool of sound. Next up is Skeleton Coast from PE, with their heady track Drive, which had me bopping in my seat. Durban’s Mouse is up next, with a quirky and wild contribution, Balaclava. Yndian Mynah from Cape Town ties the whole thing up with an upbeat, dynamic tune that is hard to resist playing again.

The compilation wets the appetite with a taster of the talents across SA. With bizarre, thrilling and above all unique sounds to impress any lover of music, and not just the pysch fans.

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