Hoptown Brewery at Stellenbosch Craft Beer Fest

This weekend, Stellenbosch Craft Beer Festival will be in full swing, celebrating Spring, October Fest and Craft Beer with some music and comedians. We spoke to Hoptown Brewery to get to know them better so you know what you can look out for:

What do we all have to look forward to from Hoptown Brewery at the Stellenbosch Craft Beer Festival?

Just go to the green umbrellas to meet our lively crew and taste our easy drinking, modern versions of classic recipe beers and our 2 new releases a Craft Lager Shandy and our non-alcoholic pale ale.

What would you say is your most popular beer and why?
Our lager – refreshing, full bodied and perfect to have a few after each other rather than sipping on something to heavy that you can only drink one or two of…



Please describe the types of beer you will have on offer – and match it with a type of person that will enjoy it:
Lager – Refreshing but still full of body and character. Made for the beer snobs, to the hipsters to the guy or girl that’s venturing into the Craft Beer scene for the first time.

IPA – Bitter but not too much and fruity. We tried to keep it accessible to the broader spectrum of consumers but anyone who loves a good quality ale with a lot going on in there, will enjoy it. Goes well with food.

Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale – No alcohol but still plenty of flavour. Dry hopped. It’s for the non-drinkers and dedicated drivers!

Shandy – Lower alcohol, sweeter and full of zesty lime flavour. Lemonade blended with our lager. Made for the girls and guys that wants an alternative to cider or something lighter and sweeter than normal beer.

If you could match your beer with one of the artists/acts at Stellenbosch Craft Beer Fest, who and why would you pick?
Opposite the Other – We make beer in the genre than most other craft breweries, but just a little bit different…Chilled vibes 🙂


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