INTRODUCING: After Robot and Bat Country

I recently had the opportunity to witness two brilliant up-and-coming South African bands: After Robot and Bat Country and thus, I present to you a unique double-feature introduction piece along with a photography gallery.

Introducing: Bat Country

Bat Country’s stage performance is a mellow, with only the vocalist moving around on stage. Though, in between each song, he does have a witty interaction with the crowd. On the night, the crowd didn’t participate all that much. People were sitting during the majority of the show, but  everyone was intently watching and listening. Towards the end, a few people got up and danced to the music. They have a solid sound. An indie-like sound for the masses. Something that SA music fans are lapping up at this moment. That explain’s their success on the local radio stations. I’m looking forward to their album.

I posed a few questions to the band after their performance revolving around their origins and their style of music. The interview can be read below.

When was Bat Country started?

In its current line up Bat Country has been together about three years. We’ve chopped and changed the line-up a bit, but the current crowd is really close as friends and we think that translates into the music.

How would you describe your style/genre of music?

Indie rock/funk.

What has been your biggest achievement so far?

Our most recent highlight has definitely been our most recently recorded track “Shine Me Black” being playlisted on eight radio stations nationwide. We listen to a lot of Mix FM so it was lovely to be added by them and then it was also great to get some airtime on the campus stations like Tuks and PuksFM. We really enjoyed our interview/quiz show slot on Luck Radio, so getting internet radio play was a fun experience. Being interviewed on the breakfast show on Radio Today with Andrew Buckland Sylvaine Strike meant that the band got some much-needed culture in.

Lastly, we’ve really enjoyed doing all the gigs and live radio slots that we’ve been asked to play as a result of the positive reaction.

What’s the next big plan for the future of Bat Country?

We are heading into the studio to record our next track from what will eventually become our first album.  The track is called “Phat Pants Tights Chicks”. It is really fun and naughty and is a welcome break from the typical  “boy-meets-girl”/relationship type stuff that we normally write about.  So we’ll be releasing that next.

We have a Balcony TV session lined up with Pockit TV, so it’ll be nice to see Ryan’s fat ass shaking on the telly for a change instead of on stage – they say the camera puts on five pounds.  That’s only like two kilos on the metric system so he’ll just have to skip breakfast that morning to adjust

Introducing: After Robot

After Robot’s performance, on the other hand is always very energetic. They get up to some extreme antics while on stage. The vocalist runs and jumps from one side of the stage to the other. He gets up close with both the bassist and the guitarist while mid-song. The Guitarist almost never stands still. He jumps up, kneels down or sway around while playing. He also has a signature trick that he uses quite often. He holds his guitar out towards the crowd so that anyone can play it while the rest of the band still carries on with the music. Definitely a crowd favorite. The bassist and drummer also keep things alive in their respective corners.

Halfway through their set, a small crowd got up and danced by the stage. Loving the lively rhythms and stage presence that this band offers.

In my opinion, After Robot is one of the most dedicated bands I’ve seen in years. They go hard and full speed in everything they do. I certainly won’t be surprised to see them make a huge success of their upcoming American tour.

I asked After Robot the same questions as Bat Country and here are their responses

When was After Robot started?

After Robot started in early 2012. It started out as an acoustic project, then after Cliff and Josh realised they needed to give the music more drive and big bottom, After Robot as we know it started

How would you describe your style/genre of music?

We don’t really sound like anybody apart from After Robot and if you need to place a genre on us it would be – Groove Rock or something interesting like Organic Space Waffle Rock and Roll… So lets rather stick with Groove Rock!

What has been your biggest achievement so far?

As an achievement, just making music we love and having fun while we do it is a dream come true to us all. As a physical achievement, we must say it would be to have been booked to rock our faces of at Oppikoppi twice before our 3rd Birthday.

What’s the next big plan for the future of After Robot?

The next big thing, we would like to believe as most musicians the next big thing would be world domination. To play stages across the world and meet people from all over the planet, hear their stories and experience their cultures, whilst doing what we love and that’s making music!

View our exclusive gallery below. All photography by Schutte Photography.

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