Invizable releases ‘Mhlaba ne Zulu’ ft BCUC

Our friend InviZAble releases his brand new single ‘Mhlaba ne Zulu’ in collaboration with the one and only BCUC, it literally took a year to complete due to the heavy touring schedule of BCUC. This is something quite different for BCUC and probably the first song they can submit to radio due to it not being 15min long!

The collaboration between these two artists is possibly one of the greatest South African collaborations of 2018, with InviZAble marrying electronic beat with African rhythm and BCUC being proudly African to their core. If for some reason you haven’t been privileged to be graced by the amazing BCUC we would strongly encourage you to educate yourself on them as they’re flying the flag extremely high in Europe and other countries across the world.

Invizable is set to release one amazing album XiFi and ‘Mhlaba ne Zulu’ is the second track off the album. You can listen to ‘Mhlaba ne Zulu’ now any of platform you prefer by following this link!

Listen to Invizable ‘Mhlaba ne Zulu’ ft BCUC now!

You can also experience Invizable live at exciting Cape Town inner city global New Year’s Eve celebration, Alcazar NYE, by visiting now!

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