LIVE REVIEW: Danger Pop Party at Hectic On Hope

Cape Town is, in my opinion, home to the best musicians in the country. I actually think we’re spoilt to the point where we’re not even realising how fortunate we are. We’ve had heated discussions about this far too many times, after far too many whiskeys and the thoughts are always the same;

  1. Our scene is full of really talented musicians
  2. There is a huge lack of appreciation for these musicians
  3. The fear that our scene might be dying/the need for something to jolt our scene back to where it needs to be.

On the third point: I think we’ve found it.


I only happened to see Dangerfields for the first time at Bohemia about a week prior to their gig at Hectic on Hope, when they instantly became a favourite. The night’s line-up consisted of Dangerfields, The Fizz Pops and DJ sets by Playing Dead and Psych Night. The gin specials were appreciated.

As expected, Dangerfields delivered a flawless performance. Members are Lucas Swart on guitar and vocals, Calvin Siderfin on bass, Nicolaas Rossouw on drums and Joshua van Zyl on guitar.  Individually, the guys are all great performers and very talented musicians, so as soon as you put them together, it all gets amplified.


Lucy Kruger joined them on stage for one song (thanks, guys. That made me really happy) and as beautiful as that was, I do wish that you could have heard her a little better.

I hadn’t been to a gig of The Fizz Pops before but thoroughly enjoyed this set. This was apparently one of their last shows before taking a bit of a break during winter. Remember the feeling you used to get when you turned on the radio (not anymore, though) and hear the last 13 seconds of one of your favourite songs? Those were the feels I was having when I realised that it would possibly be months before I’d see The Fizz Pops again.


Events like Danger Pop Party! are exactly what we’ve been needing. I haven’t been this excited about our scene in a long fucking time.

Keep an eye on their pages for upcoming gigs and news;


The Fizz Pops:

 Psych Night:

Playing Dead:


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