Live Review: Friday the 13th – Horrorfest

Photography by Matthew Holt of Cape Town Live Music Magazine

When you leave work on Friday the 13th, look up to the sky and see a full moon you know you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a slightly creepy evening. Now I’m not really one for superstitions but when I see an event with the title ‘Friday the 13th – Horrorfest’ I know that this is an event I have to check out. The play on A Nightmare on Elm Street’s most famous rhyme used for the description of this event definitely caught my attention.

“One, two, Crooked’s coming for you.
Three, four, Better lock your door
Five, six, grab a crucifix.
Seven, eight, Gonna stay up late.
Nine, ten, time to ROCK AGAIN!”

After reading that, my plans for the evening were definitely decided.

The Mercury Live hosted this event with bands Crooked, Caelo, NO. 15 and Oxy. The night started a bit later than expected but there were no complaints from the crowd as this only meant that there was more time for them to spend at the bar starting off the weekend properly.

Crooked organised this event as the launch of their music video for “Lower Than Hell”. Newcomers Caelo opened the show followed by the quirky boys of NO.15. As the opening acts left the stage, it was then time for the main attraction.

The lovely Kat Aklysm put on a show as always and kept the whole crowd entertained. Her on-stage confidence kept all eyes glued to her as she paraded around dancing, laughing and referring to us all as creeps. Their single “Lower Than Hell” proved to be a crowd favourite and really highlighted the skills of The Viking on drums. Crooked finished their set with an impressive performance of “Sweet Dreams” and then Indie band Oxy played the last set of the night before all things creepy came to an end.

All in all, this was a really well-received show. Despite the minor sound issues, the bands’ performances were on point and everyone appeared to have a good time. Thank you to Crooked for organizing a perfect Friday the 13th show – what better way to spend the evening than surrounded by a bunch of creeps.

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