LIVE REVIEW: Springbok Nude Girls At The Assembly On 4 June 2016

Written by Janus De Villiers / Photography courtesy of Vetman Design and Photography.

On the 4th of June, South African rock band and heroes of punk and ska, the Springbok Nude Girls held the Cape Town premiere for their Michelle Pretorius-directed documentary about their explosive 22 years on the South African music scene – and threw one helluva party at Cape Town’s famous The Assembly afterwards to celebrate.

Fans were already queuing in Harrington Street when the doors opened, with rockers of all ages excitedly making their way into the cramped venue to watch the legends that is Springbok Nude Girls take the stage.

Indie rock-and-rollers and general cool kids Bam Bam Brown were tasked with kicking off the party – which is exactly what they did with their easy-listening and must-dance-to tunes that span a wide variety of genres and effortlessly hyped up the crowd.

“People say Cape Town audiences are too cool to have fun! Let’s prove them wrong!” lead singer Kieron ‘Bam Bam’ Brown yelled early on in the set, and then got ’em to do exactly that as the band (who are actually from Cape Town themselves) got everyone loosened up, grooving and all warmed up for the main act: the legendary Springbok Nude Girls.

Springbok Nude Girl’s set covered the band’s impressive career, and Cape Town loudly enjoyed every sing-along opportunity. Arno Carsten’s old-fashioned charisma and rock-and-roll authenticity was in full force, and the crowd showed their appreciation for the band’s highly energetic performance by turning their set into a full-blown lovefest.

Why the Springbok Nude Girls is a household name and still one of the biggest and most popular acts on the scene was fully evident – their performance was so filled with energy that even some of the young scenesters in the front row had a hard time keeping up.

Do the Springbok Nude Girls still have the charm, energy, and sound that gained them their considerable following? Absolutely. And here’s to their next 22 years in the industry!

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