Our Favourite Winter Trends – Part Three

Over the past few weeks we’ve covered some of winter’s most crucial pieces like ankle boots, faux fur and coats, but the necessity nod has to go to the leather jacket.

As discussed in our previous feature, I’m much more pro faux and I’m fully aware of how hypocritical this may come across, but seeing as the animals aren’t skinned alive for their hides, this is kind of an okay area. Faux-leather is much more affordable and if you’re not completely sold on the cut and style, but need something in the meantime then it’s a really convenient substitute. With trends constantly changing, faux leather is your best bet when it comes to wanting a variety of styles and colours and the other plus, of course, is that should you lose it/burn it/tear it, it’s easier to replace. 

          Winter Fashion Trends Week 3_1 Winter Fashion Trends Week 3_2

The thing about genuine leather though is that it has great character and the more wear and tear it gets, the better it looks. If you take proper care of your leather jacket, then you’re pretty much set for the next decade. One of my favourite pieces is a burgundy leather jacket my mom bought in London in 2001. It’s coming apart at the seams and I’ve had it repaired twice already. 

Here’s a list of things you can do to keep your jacket in a good condition;

Make sure you always hang it on a well-shaped hanger so it keeps it’s form around the shoulders

If your jacket gets wet, hang it on a hanger and leave to dry at room temperature and not near a heater. Don’t use your hairdryer.

You can remove rain spots with a dry cloth and leather conditioner.

Most importantly: you need to get your hands on a good leather cleaner and conditioner. 

         Winter Fashion Trends Week 3_4 Winter Fashion Trends Week 3_3

This is one of those pieces that you can wear with practically anything. Dresses, jeans, leggings, hoodies, collar shirts, t-shirts, jerseys. It always works. 

Here are some of my favourite looks:

         Winter Fashion Trends Week 3_5 Winter Fashion Trends Week 3_8

         Winter Fashion Trends Week 3_10 Winter Fashion Trends Week 3_11

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