Park Acoustics – June Review, July Competition

Review by Elmarie Kruger (@elmariekr)

Photos by Christelle Duvenage Photography (@StellaTeleur)

The June edition of Park Acoustics was a packed one, as people flocked from all over to fill up Fort Schanskop. It was difficult to find a seat, but worth the mission to watch blues-folk duo Bad Peter perform songs like “Month of May” and “Love has Chosen You”.

We then got ready for some cinematic indie pop as Durbanites Edisontide took a break from recording their upcoming EP to come and entertain the Pretoria crowd. The band had an absolute jam on stage and got the whole audience dancing with them.

The crowd really got to their feet when indie band Early Hours began to play, though. From girls that were too shy to join them on stage to epic selfies with the crowd, the band had us in the palm of their hands – at their first-ever Pretoria gig, no less. Everyone predictably went wile for their hit “Smells Like Summer”, despite the chilly weather. And with good reason – it’s hard not to get up and dance to this bouncy track.


Hot Water - Photo by Christelle Duvenage

Hot Water – Photo by Christelle Duvenage


Hot Water brought their eclectic sound to the stage next and had the crowd under their spell for their entire set. The group played well-known tracks like “Lekker Sakkie”, “Tribal Man” and the very popular “Wamkelekile”. Their set was relaxed and heped the crowd wind down after bouncing around so much.

More erratic dancing was in store when indie heavyweights Shortstraw took to the stage, performing all the crowd’s favourite songs: “Bikini Weather”, “Couch Potato”, “Good Morning, Sunshine”, “Cold Shoulder” and “Keanu Reeves”. Stage dives were done and Mexican waves were had, and Shortstraw brought their A-game to the stage as they always do.


Shortstraw - Photo by Christelle Duvenage

Shortstraw – Photo by Christelle Duvenage


For those who wanted to stay and party a little longer, in spite of the impending colder weather, Veranda Panda brought their “music with machines and a violin” to the stage and played tracks like “Pinapple Sunday” and “Marlon Brando”.

Meanwhile, on the Sunset Comedy Stage, KG, Kraai du Toit and comedy’s freshest (and most popular) face Schalk Bezuidenhout were entertaining the die-hards who weren’t ready to face the upcoming work (or study) week yet.


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