Peasant Release New Music Video “Heed The Will”

Cape Town hardcore outfit Peasant recently went through a line-up change in which they received a new vocalist and new bass player. Alain Marthezé (of Enmity and Veladraco fame) was brought in to handle the band’s vocals while Keagan Van Rooyen (of Fire Through The Window and Young Hands fame) assumed the position as the band’s new bassist. Line-up shake-ups can often be treacherous but luckily the reports regarding the band’s first live shows with their new members were promising and now they have released “Heed The Will” – the first single with the new line-up.

The verdict? This is one hell of a single. It clocks in at a mere 1 minute and 27 seconds and is a high-octane blast of ferocious hardcore. The song is crammed full of snarling guitar riffs that relentless hammer their way through your cerebral membrane as they are supported by drumming that is aggressive in nature without losing any kind of technical finesse. The great thing about hardcore music is that the bass riffs are often incredibly palpable and this is definitely the case with ‘Heed The Will”. The bass section is laden with the typical aggressive crunch of hardcore music, but they also take on a slight melodic quality that gives the song a crowd-moving groovy edge. The vocals are one of the stand-out points of the song. Marthezé’s vocals are aggressively coherent and ring-out with crystal clear clarity while still barking out socially conscious themes.

“Heed The Will” comes off the band’s forthcoming EP No Love which is being released next Tuesday. We are beyond keen to hear it.

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