NEW: PH Fat – Keep You Safe (with Mac Motel)

When I first heard ‘Keep You Safe’ few weeks ago cruising back from a Bainskloof Pass mission with Mike and other mates I’ve been extremely excited about the release of the new single. Mike’s been working with new influencers from Mac Motel to Das Kapital and of course even using a new music video crew, the change-up has been really interesting and refreshing just like the new Gorillaz album.

This track is probably the 2nd indication of PHFAT 3.0 sounds like since the release of  ‘The Whip’ with Mikhaela Faye, I think us older fans are able to easily accept and love the newly educated sound. Before you start worrying about Smooth Mike going all soft cock on us, you need not worry the next two tracks he’s working on are dark and dangerous.

Download via iTunes, here!

Here’s a little insight to ‘Keep You Safe’:

PHFAT and Mac Motel have teamed up with Cape Town director Rob Smith to launch their latest track, the nostalgic love jam Keep You Safe. The mellow music and quirky styling of the video counter PHFAT’s usual dark presence and sound, but the video’s ambiguities will run amok in viewers’ minds.

“It’s kind of an ode to all my high school crushes, you know? Like an ode to making mixtapes, and buying two tickets to a dance, and playing out whole lifetimes in your head while you daydream in maths class,” says the rapper. “There’s also an elusiveness to that high school crush and a loss of naivety that happens as a person works through it and grows up. I wanted to capture all of that.” – Smooth Mike

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