RAMfashion – Fashion tips for RAMfest 2014

Written by Katherine Brookes


With RAMfest 2014 a mere day away, we thought we’d help you with your packing by giving you a list of the essentials, working from the bottom to the top

Ankle boots

One of the things I love most about being at a music festival is the contagious excitement. The build up to RAMfest 2014 has been enormous with posts, videos and illustrations flooding social media timelines. With the huge internationals acts that RAMfest managed to bring down this year, you can expect partially clothed, drunk, excited fans pushing, shoving, dancing and screaming along to their favourites. Beautiful chaos. Imagine doing that in bad shoes though, which brings me to my first must-have festival item. Ankle boots.


The how-to:

The great thing about ankle boots is that they work with practically any outfit and they’re super comfy. Pair them with jeans, cut-off denims and dresses.

According to various weather sites, this weekend might get a bit wet (weather-wise, obviously), so unless you plan on not walking anywhere and being far away from the crowd, I suggest you get your hands on a pair. I think it’s a bit silly to take your favourite, expensive pair of ankle boots, because they’ll probably never be the same again, so here are a few budget-happy alternatives.



Mr. Price R119.99

Mr. Price R169.99

And just in case you’re feeling a bit creative, here’s a tutorial on making your own Bohemian boots!



Denim cut-offs:

If you are fortunate enough to have the legs and tight behind to rock denim cut-offs, then you totally should. If you don’t, just yank on a pair of opaque black tights under your denim.

The how-to:

Festival clothes rarely leave the festival grounds in the condition they arrived in, so if you insist on taking your R250.00 pair of denim cut-offs (which is a ridiculous price to pay in the first place) then that’s your business. Personally, I prefer the crafty route. Here’s a link if you lack the DIY denim cut-off know-how.


Band shirts and crop tops

Just as long as you’re not the jerk missioning around in a band shirt, because you “liked the picture” and can’t name one of said band’s songs, it’s virtually impossible to get this wrong, but just in case, here are a few examples of how to wear your band shirts and crop tops

I picked some of my favourite band shirts off The Greek Merchant website, which are available for order. The guys section usually has better shirts than the ladies section.


Biffy Skull T-Shirt (Buy here!)


Cotton On also has a great selection. Alternatively, you could just buy some official festival merchandise at RAMfest 2014.

As far as accessories are concerned, sling bags are an obvious choice for keeping your cellphone, cigarettes and other fest goodies and head pieces and hats are always great.

If you’re having a fat day, don’t have anything to wear or just feel like you’re lacking in your general togetherness, have a look at these Coachella-attending celebrities. Smile and know that there’s no way in hell that you’ll ever get it this wrong;


Also, leggings are not pants.

Catch you guys at RAMfest!

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  1. Theresa Scott

    March 6, 2014 at 10:34 am

    This isn’t helpful at all if it’s going to be raining in Cape Town? 😀

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