REVIEW: Pyjama Planet – Max Chops

Photo by Matt Keeson Photography

Normally when I listen to a band for the first time it’s at a live show or someone will play me the music and if it’s any good I’ll then go source it myself. Last week, you can then imagine, was a totally different experience for me. Not only was I introduced to this new album at a press listening party – but the dress code was pyjamas.

On the evening of the press listening party I arrived at a lovely house in Observatory where I got to meet some new faces, eat pizza and socialize with a few of the contributors from Mark Allnutt’s solo project, Pyjama Planet.

pp_space_02-w-sigartwork by Remi Abrahams

After making sure that everyone was well fed and comfortable, Allnutt then told us the story of Max Chops. Max is a character living on Pyjama Planet with an unfortunate allergy to sheep skin – which prevents him from wearing slippers. While the slight discomfort of having to wear sandals instead of the preferred slippers may sound unfortunate, we find that Max actually has an advantage in the fact that he has better feet dexterity.  This leads to the adventures which make up the nine songs on the album. Sounds like a great plot for a game, right? It really isn’t surprising then that the artwork reminds me of a setting of a computer game.

dscn1670aphoto by Nathan McClure

After hearing a bit about Max Chops we then dimmed the lights and settled in to watch a 35 minute video to go along with the album listening. The video was absolutely brilliantly done. There were snippets of the recording process, of the different musicians involved and footage of the artwork. Allnutt really pulled together a great team of individuals to make this project possible. From start to finish I was captivated by this album. It was a total pleasure to listen to. Each musician added that something extra to the tracks they performed on and it all came together amazingly well.

Well done on a great concept and an even better execution. I cannot wait to hear what the future holds for Pyjama Planet. If you would like to check them out, just click on the following link: PyjamaPlanet

rsz_2landscape_4_w_sigartwork by Remi Abrahams

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