Runaway Nuns Release New Single “Castaway”

Psych rock is the latest fashion in the rock side of the South African music scene. Indie has more or less run its course as the genre has become oversaturated and no longer leads to much creativity. Throwbacks to the 70, DIY punk riffs and stoner rock melodies are what upcoming bands are using to make a name for themselves in South Africa’s tumultuous rock scene.

Runaway Nuns are one of those bands that draw heavily on the stoner side of psych rock with their dreamy, trance-like melodies that would probably pair quite well with a hefty amount of substance abuse. A jangling set of Beach Boys-like guitar chords opens their new single “Castaway”. Drawling vocals tentatively wrap themselves around the instrumentals as Runaway Nuns transports us to a deserted tropical island – playing quite well into the title of their song. It creates an almost dreamy kind of melancholia that is barely chased away when the synth-laden bass kicks in alongside the off tempo percussion that gives the song an aloof kind of attitude. It is a rather interesting attitude as the song seems to deal with a failing relationship, but the opening lyric gives an indication that the singers don’t actually care as Sean Baron sings “how long till it goes the way it goes”.

Runaway Nuns may only be on their second single but they’re carving out a rather interesting niche for themselves with their dreamy tropical psych rock. Listen to “Castaway” below and get the single on Bandcamp.

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