SAMS Interviews: Bed On Bricks Before BASTILLE

Interview by Vicky Jankiewicz (@Vicky_JKWICZ)

Photos supplied by One-Eyed Jack


With Bastille going all SOLD OUT on us with their tour this week, and with awesome artist opening for them both in Cape Town and Johannesburg – we wanted to interview Bed On Bricks because, it seems – that some of you have forgotten about this awesome funk rock band.  Dave van der Linden, the guitarist (who is also the reason for their ‘forced sabbatical’ after breaking his hand down hill bombing on a skateboard) caught up with us:

You guys are way more popular in Cape Town – how are you feeling about the JHB show and how will you win over the Jozi crowd?

We are very amped to be playing for Johannesburg. Most of our gigs that side have been at Koppi or in Pretoria so we just gonna rock as hard as we can. And hopefully keep JHB well entertained.

Tell us more about your ‘forced sabbatical’, and what everyone in the band was up to while you guys didn’t play live.

We were mostly getting married and breeding. There are 4 baby bricks now. However, our rhythm section, Schalk van der Merwe, has been playing with Karen Zoid a fair bit.

Are you guys busy recording?

Yes. It’s great to be writing again.

What else does 2014 hold for fans of Bed on Bricks?

Hopefully lots of shows and tours. And definitely some new tunes.

How do you feel about getting picked to open for  Bastille during their live performances in South Africa?

Privileged. And very stoked.




You guys are also playing at Up The Creek this year – what are you mostly looking forward to about this festival?

This has been a classics festival for us, and we have played it from back in the 90’s. We’re very excited to be back.

Are you guys planning on trying to get to play other festivals in SA now that you are back – and if so, what’s on the wish-list?


Rocking the Daisies
Splashy Fen
STRAB in Mozambique
Vic Falls Carnival – all of them.

Have guitars. Will rock!


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