SA Music Scene is BACK with vengeance

A few months ago I was typing up a post announcing my resignation from SA Music Scene, a few unexpected events occurred from then till now and here I am celebrating while I say… “SA Music Scene is BACK with vengeance!”

South Africa’s blog for building artists and giving them the platform to build themselves, this was the passion project I convinced the founder Jaco Brill to include me in, in July/August 2011.

The industry is cut-throat but so rewarding at the same time.
If anyone tells you that the state of the South African music industry is shaky, shit or unknown I want to motivate you to turn away and look to another source as we’re in the most exciting time where the industry is pulling together and supporting each other on every level. There is an abundance of promoters and a variety of event options… If you have a passion for it, do not give up and do not give in, because if you’re in it for the right reasons you’ll reach the goals you have set out to.

SA Music Scene is back, although financially challenged and although most of my team has moved on to bigger projects I want to say with your help as a musician and music lover one of South Africa’s oldest blogs will be stepping up and doing more.
The brand will now have more of a personal flair from me as the founder and content creator with some help from friends…

I’ve decided to give more of myself as the co-founder – more time and more passion. Financially I have decided to make use of SubmitHub a platform which an artist can pay to submit their work for the blog and if declined an in-depth reason why it was declined but if I like it, I will not only be giving you feedback I might also add it to our Spotify Playlists or feature it on the blog!

1) Website rebuilding, rebranding & refresh.
2) Covering website hosting costs.
3) Paying freelance music writers and tastemakers for submitting content.
4) Social Media promotions/boosts of content produced.
5) Funding SA Music Scene public branding (stickers, merch, etc).
6) Event Sponsorship.

If you’d like to some feedback on your new material, get your material featured or do an interview with me, be sure to submit your track via today!

Sign up and connect with me:

For the first 3 months, I’ll be accepting Premium and Standard submissions, when the submissions become too much for me to handle after these months I’ll be jumping over to Premium submissions only for the serious artists only!


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