Shortstraw Release New Single and Music Video “T-Shirt”

Rocking The Daisies caused me to miss the initial release of Shortstraw’s second Those Meddling Kids single. The latest song is entitled “T-Shirt” and it is more fun that barrel full of monkeys.

The song sounds like it could have been pulled straight off of Good Morning Sunshine with its jangling guitar riffs, healthy licks of bass and drawling vocals that sing about the simplicity and beauty of love. A hint of melancholy makes itself present towards the latter half of the song, but it is quickly chased away by the vibrant chorus that turns the song into an aloof and remarkably fun indie rock anthem. Fun indie rock is something that Shortstraw has always done incredibly well while still maintaining an original and unique sound due their distinctive vocals and 60s pop-rock harmonies. Feet-tapping guitar riffs are featured alongside a punk-like rhythm section that is supported by funky bass riffs that make “T-Shirt” an irresistible single best suited for the forthoming summer.

The music video for the song comes off like a budget sci-film as Schalk Bezuidenhout prances around on a stage in what appears to be a low-budget play in which a caveman falls in love with an alien. The music video is comedic in nature and its low-budget appearance matches the simple and charismatic nature of the song.

Watch the music video for “T-Shirt” below.

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