SINGLE REVIEW: Crimson House Ft Ann Jangle – Howling at Your Door

“Howling at your Door” the new song/video release captures the energy of Crimson House and the powerful voice of Ann Jangle. The song introduces a fresh, saucy, and raspy lead singer accompanied by a gentle but sultry backup singer. The song is of Crimson House’s typical blend of blues, pop and a bit of Trash Cabaret style. The main track is on par with the quality to be expected from Crimson House, but a slightly awkward guitar solo does the track a huge disservice.

The guitarist seems to be at a loss for any original melody, which is strange considering any of his solos performed live. Thankfully the song is rescued immediately afterwards by the band’s most captivating performers: the alto and baritone saxophone duo. Ann Jangle throws in a dirty kiss and some impressive vocals here and there to break the monotony of the song. Perhaps live with a couple of adjustments to the song, “Howling at your Door” could be a great jam at a trash cabaret or your next local blues gig.
Watch the video below:


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