Single Review: Dahl Hates Disco – Endless Motion

Hailing from beneath the curious genre of nu disco house, with a sound falling directly in contradiction to their name, James Dahl’s musical brainchild Dahl Hates Disco have just dropped their latest offering. The Johannesburg-based electronic band teamed up with soWHAT Records earlier this year: a boutique label which has produced a number of high-profile musical offerings of late. In a scene simply brimming with brand new talent and countless electro offerings, newcomers need to work hard to find their niche and Dahl Hates Disco, with a refreshingly old-school take on the scene at large, looks promising.

The brand new track, “Endless Motion” is a densely layered, highly textured composition. Bordering on EDM but never quite tipping over the edge, the song finds a comfortable balance that and 1980’s-esue disco synths – all neatly underlain with heady baselines. Silvery female vocals contribute a simultaneous softness and power to the track as a whole. Forming a consistent overlying component they weave in and out of play, with the strangely unpredictable melody when it comes to the builds and drops. Perhaps it is part of their charm, but her vocals appear rather off key at times. Chiming synths and tinkling electro elements weigh in to wrap up the track, in the wake of a series of satisfying drops as the grooving disco beats meander to a halt.

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