Single Review: Royal Commoners – Grace


It is a treat these days to come across a truly riveting debut offering from local talent. The latest such indulgence comes in the form of Royal Commoners’ “Grace”. The edgy Cape Town based folk-rockers are a charming and wholly welcome addition to the local scene with a sound just quirky enough to set them apart from the recent influx of similar musical outfits. With over a year of collective live performance under their belt, the band finally saw fit to release this studio recorded tidbit for our enjoyment.

A chiming, high-key acoustic guitar progression lays the foundational bricks for the track within seconds. Marieke’s full, rolling vocals swiftly take to centre stage to complete the simplistic, albeit striking, intro. With curious, unpredictable ease the track gains and loses energy. Building upon its self with a series of percussive and acoustic layers, it intermittently morphs into a richly textured musical landscape before slipping back to its simple roots.

A heady percussive baseline wanders in and out of focus, contributing a deliciously grounded aspect to the song as a whole, while the vocal melody is charmingly varied and equally strong as she croons, “Grace, hold me while I’m alone/ vindicate this cold out of stone/ you were the only one/ you were with me.” Wonderfully rhythmic and tastefully eclectic, this is one of the best debuts to come out of 2016.

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  1. Zehnda

    September 13, 2016 at 11:26 pm

    I know Marieka and her husband and their music. To me there was no doubt that they would sooner or later become a huge success. Well done guys!

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