Single Review: Sutherland – We Are The Love

Since their inception in 2013, this Jozi-hailing indie-folk outfit has been hard at work making a name for themselves within the scene – and with much success. Having been booked for their second performance at Oppikoppi this year, as well as Woodstock SA’s inauguration in September, it’s clear that Sutherland’s chiming alternative stylings have not gone unwanted of late.

Their latest offering, “We Are The Love”, is steeped in tinkling aesthetics and charming percussive effects. A light keyboard melody opens the track, with the soft clicking of fingers serving as a backing beat. Gently foot-tapping, their sound tends to sneak up on the listeners and catch them neatly in their gossamer-fine web of sound.

Grounding the silvery harmonics of the song are the vocals. Although almost as gentle as their counterparts, they serve as a lifeline of sorts to the roots of the song and intermittently pull it back onto solid ground before allowing it to drift once again. Gaining energy steadily as it advances, the track dips and sways, kite-like until reaching a peak of perfectly stabilised evocative energy.

Thematically the track is quietly love-centric, outlining just how tricky it is to maintain a relationship which has been smooth-running far too long – “Something’s got to give / I’ll pull myself back together / Somehow we could see ourselves for what we are.”

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