SINGLE REVIEW: The Curious Incident – Behaviour Saviour

The Curious Incident are a unique success story of how two musicians from different sides of the world managed to find each other in England via the way of the Netherlands and come to form a band that would carve out their own little niche in the Brit-pop movement. The Curious Incident is a combination of a vocalist and guitarist from South Africa, known was Kairo, and a drummer from Indonesia, known as Diaz.

My first exposure to the band was in the form of their EP Penny Lonesome and the tour of South Africa that was spawned from that release. The band has somehow managed to constantly tour South Africa and find a unique place in the local music scene. This could be that they don’t seem to be much bigger than most of South Africa’s indie bands and can comfortably fit onto most tour line-ups without having to charge fans an arm and a leg to see them. Their EP was a jangling burst of Brit-pop and came from a time where Brit-pop, and indie rock, was focused on producing music with pronounced guitar riffs and jangling melodies.

Their latest single “Behaviour Saviour” sees them moving away from this kind of song structure and rather embracing something that is much more laid-back with tropical overtones. A lot of the single puts me in mind of the tropical dancehall indie-pop that La Roux delivered with Trouble In Paradise, but with a lot more guitars and a lot less synth. The guitar work takes on a much more intricate style and is often punctuated by neatly constructed guitar works. Diaz’s drumming has a lot more rhythm to it than previous releases and this gives the song a foot-stomping kind of energy while still sticking to quite a subdued atmosphere. It is the kind of song that you would just lightly sway to while occasionally breaking into frenzied dancing.

More of this please.

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