SONG PREMIERE: Ursus & Wolf – Floating Mirror

The Cult of Maybe was created earlier this year as a platform for promoting underground music in South Africa with a specific focus on electronic music. It took a while for the company to get off the ground, but they recently had the opportunity to maintain a month long residency at The Assembly and had a weekly event entitled Cultober. It was a means of bringing underground electronic acts to one of Cape Town’s most popular live music venues, but what they did not tell you was that they were also in the process of signing one of South Africa’s most intriguing and talented young hip-hop duo.

Electronic hip-hop outfit Ursus & Wolf were recently signed to The Cult of Maybe, and it is with great pleasure that South African Music Scene brings you the premiere of their new song “Floating Mirror”. Ursus & Wolf have been making waves in the Cape Town live music circuit with their smooth rhymes and trip-hop inspired electronic instrumentals. We have been speaking a lot about the South African music scene needing to be revitalised by new talent that does not just adhere the genre norms that have entrenched themselves in the scene.

“Floating Mirrors” opens with a snarling bass riff that sounds like it was pulled straight from an industrial metal song. This sets the tone for the song as being a brooding song tempered with restrained aggression and intellectual rap musings underpinned by off-tempo drum beats, futuristic synth tones and a healthy dash of trip-hop inspired¬†aesthetics. Their lyrical themes are difficult to pin down, but the narrative seems to coincide with the belief that the music scene has begun to stagnate and needs, to quote Jack Parow, “a kick in the arse”. Ursus & Wolf are that kick.

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