Southern Wild: Lead Role in a Classic Horror Debut Album Release

Cape Town rockers Southern Wild release their much-anticipated debut album ‘Lead Role in a Classic Horror’ via all online platform today! Fronted by Dave Van Vuuren, Idols 2011 winner this rock outfit has caught the ear of the South African media as well as the South African rock lovers.

The idea of Southern Wild was born through a dream in early 2015. They have played some prestigious festivals since their inception such as OppiKoppi, Up The Creek and River Republic.

They have finished recording their debut album titled ‘Lead Role in a Classic Horror’ at Popsicle studios. The album’s journey introduces the listener to frontman Dave’s true rock and roll sound that he more than likely would have liked to portray on Idols. Every song within their set provides something unique, with each piece of music able to stand out by itself.

Heavily focused on feel and progression, this band gives absolutely everything each time they hit the stage. This same energy has been translated onto their debut album.


For merch & the physical album, visit the band’s website: or download it on iTunes here!

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