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Interview by Vicky Jankiewicz (@Vicky_JKWICZ)

Photo provided by Rachelle Crous Publicity

ISO is not only getting massive radio airplay in South Africa at the moment, but the pop rockers are also getting crowds together on the live music scene like it’s nobodies business.

The will also be one of the headlining acts this weekend at Sowing The Seeds, and we thought talking a bit kidofdoom, name-changes and fantasies would make you get to know them a little better before the weekend.


ISO - photo by Sean Brand

ISO – photo by Sean Brand


Do you guys still tell people ISO is short for Isochronous, or is there another relevance to it now?

ISO has become the band name. Isochronous is like a past life, comforting us but not defining us.


If you guys could open for any International band while they are in South Africa, which band would it be and what venue would you pick.

Queen in Soccer City, or Muse at ROAR in Observatory.


Which do you enjoy more – festivals or gigs at a venue and why?

Festivals for the way our sound travels, and clubs for the intimacy and energy from the crowd.


You’ve been to Europe – what’s the NEXT BIG THING for ISO?

We’ll be releasing a new album in the Spring and hope to tour overseas later this year.


How do you guys feel about the return of kidofdoom?

We love it! Can’t wait to hear and see them again. It’ll also be great to hang out with the guys again.


What AND who are you most looking forward to at Sowing The Seeds 2013 and why?

What: Performing, we always love it.

Who: Beatenberg and Matthew Mole. Great young talents.


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