Spotify South Africa is here!

We’ve been hearing the rumours and we can finally confirm, they’re true… In mere hours after receiving the Spotify iStore download my life has been changed. The hype is real, it’s not a fad and it may just change the way you consume music for good!

“Spotify is very excited to announce our launch in South Africa today. We have had the continent in our sights for a while and are finally able to offer South African fans access to all the music they already love on Spotify, while helping them to enjoy, discover and share new music from both local and international artists simply and easily.” said Michael Krause, Spotify MD, EMEA.

Download Spotify in the SA iStore here!

Although most of us listen to our music through our phone when at work, jogging or driving somewhere the amazing thing about using Spotify on your computer is that your phone automatically turns into a remote for your desktop, how crazy is that?

Sign Up and use Spotify on your computer here!

Download the Desktop version here!

So you might be wondering why Spotify, just like I did when I received the download link and strongly disliked the idea of another music platform, I mean I’ve been enjoying Apple Music the past few years. Have I discovered many or should I say any artists through using Apple Music, no I actually struggled to find all the artists I had, but my computer crashed a few months ago and I’ve chosen to listen to music via the cloud.

Well with Spotify is the exact opposite, you enter a few artists you like and then you’re able to explore and discover new music that suits your tastes but also branches out to new artists and sounds.

SA Music Scene has started colab playlists for ALL South African artists and we want YOU to add your favorite tracks.

Add your favorite Indie Track to our playlist, here!

Add your favorite Rock Track to our playlist, here!

Add your favorite Dance Track to our playlist, here!

More playlists coming soon!


What does this mean for South African artists? Well, to be honest, we’re starting off on the back foot imagine you’re a massive artist who’s been doing your thing in South Africa for 5 years or more and then having to launch your brand new Instagram account and your 16-year-old female fans that post booty shots have more followers than you, yes it sucks but put the time and effort into Spotify more than you do for Instagram and you might actually be found by real music lovers.

Building a presence on Spotify can be achieved in the same way in building a great Instagram account, creating great content and seeding your content to other Instagram profiles. If you want some tips on how to build a Spotify presence and other tips, have a listen to this Podcast.

Having your song featured on a massively followed playlist could be bigger than landing that 5FM single that you’ve always dreamt about, but if you want some tips on how to do that have a listen here!

Thanks to our friend By Jono for the tip-off!

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