Spring Trends 2014

As far as I’m concerned, Spring is the best time of year, because you don’t need to deal with it being so hot that your productivity drops to an absolute naught or days colder than Kelly Cutrone’s heart. Gorgeous weather  aside, Spring is like Mother Nature’s “okay… GO” for those of us still trying to get rid of the evidence of excessive winter snacking – just in time for Summer. 

One ladies’ trend I’m grateful made it into Spring 2014 is the crop top. 

                           Springtrends2014_3 Springtrends2014_2

I feel like the crop top is the kind of piece that’s very black and white; you’re either going to look very chic or look like you’ve been hanging around in Voortrekker Avenue, Bellville for too long. 

My most basic rule when it comes to wearing crop tops is this: balance. Basically, this means not wearing eina-klein hot pants or barely-there cut-off jeans (that means you, butt-cheek-exposers. Actually, just throw those cut-offs away. It’s not remotely flattering and we don’t need your over-exposed bum showing us that you didn’t get enough attention from your daddy when you were little)

My favourite way of wearing crop tops is with skirts, but I’ve listed a few of my favourites

                                Springtrends2014_1 Springtrends2014_4

If you’re low on funds, just take an old tee and cut a bit off and grab your mom’s over-locker. Making your own crop tops is ridiculously simple. 

As far as Spring Trends go for guys, there’s one trend that I hated initially, but has now started to grow on me. When I think of colourful prints and florals on guy shirts, I always think of the hula shirts that were so popular in 2000. Well, that was 2000. I don’t know how we managed to get so many trends so wrong. Thankfully, clothes for men have become more fitted and tailored, so even when you have a colourful print, the cut is still seek and sophisticated. 


This is another trend that’s so easy to get right. If you’re wearing a colourful print on top, balance it out with simple pants. You could try doing prints on top and bottom, but unless you’re smack in the middle of a European Magazine spread styled by the greats, you might look a bit odd. 


After looking around at a few different stockists, there’s only one place to shop for both trends and that’s The Lot. They have loads of different designs and I like to check in every once in a while, because they sometime have the best specials on things. You can check it out over here


Happy first week of Spring, guys! 

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