The Brother Moves On – Shiyanomayini (Official Music Video)

The Brother Moves On releases a music video for Shiyanomayini that deals with theft in South Africa.

“Shiyanomayini means leave whatever you have, it’s said by beggars when they beg at the traffic light and by criminals when they are robbing you be it at gunpoint or knifepoint. The majority of the track was written by Zelizwe Mthembu after being robbed several times on his way back from rehearsal as he passes the Jozi CBD on his way home.

The first verse of the track takes the position of Zwash being robbed at 6 o’clock at park station. The voice of the second voice is perspective of the kasi cat who is sick of suburb boys flossing in the hood with their cash + new rich cars. The third verse is taken from the perspective of Ma’leven who was featured on BBC’s Weird Weekends who is a ruthless criminal who puts babies in ovens to force people to open their safes during housebreakings. The last verse is that of an elder, in the video the taxi driver, who asks what are we to do with this situation. We’ve all been mugged and this is a chant from the perspective of the victimhood that this situation makes us feel. The song also places the criminal + the beggar into the same space and asks the welfare state what are we to do.”


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