The Liminals: Come Closer EP

A band with a crispy fresh South African sound and the satisfaction of subtle but surprising elements, every other second of each song. The Liminals put a tasteful spin on relevant music today, and it is incredibly prominent in their EP Come Closer. They have a unique sound that cannot be confused with any other. Guitar riffs in the song “Lay You Down” brings every string in your heart to a harmonious hum and gives a tingling feeling in your hands and feet.

Very light melodies and cheeky, fun lyrics along with the sweet taste of diversity deserves a spot on any radio station in the country. “Snarl up” however, takes a slightly more punk rock element and makes it unique to the band’s indie rock and African-influenced sound. From melodies to sway to, to tunes that will make it hard to restrain your will to dance along, this EP is a success in many forms and marks their unique style of indie rock. This album includes the successful single, “Indigo”, which they released in December last year. The Liminals have also been known to kill it on big stages at Rocking the Daisies and Oppikoppi.

Catchy but interesting and appealing to sing along to, rather than being annoyed at the song stuck in your head, you belt it out and dance like a lunatic to the rhythm in your head. Each song brings its own unique elements to the complete theme of the EP, and there is just no dull moment throughout the entire journey. There is a noticeable amount of thought behind the perfection of the sound and feel of the EP, and each member of The Liminals shine through to make a unity.


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  1. John Bartmann

    August 19, 2016 at 2:14 am

    cool sounds, kinda vampire weekend. i met a guy called matt at a cafe in redcliff, brisbane on monday, also from cape town. he’s a friend of these guys from the liminals. weird connection meeting a kaapie all the way over there. also, redcliff is where the bee gees come from and that’s flippin random.

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