The Valley Release New Music Video “Siren”

Photography by Killkenny Photography 

Last week Friday saw the release of The Valley’s much-anticipated debut video, “Siren”.

The Valley formed in 2013 and consists of Anton Louw on vocals, Le Roux Hofmeyr on back-up vocals and bass guitar and Charl Stemmet on drums.

Siren was recorded and mixed at Bellville Studios by Warren Fisher (Black Lung, The Fizz Pops and The Deathrettes) and mastered by Tim Lengfeld at TL Mastering in Stellenbosch.

In the words of The Valley, “Siren” is about the lure of the unattainable, as manifested in the age-old Greek myth of the siren; a ravishingly beautiful creature who’s singing compelled unwary sailors onto the rocks. Both the song and the video examines the notion of pursual and entrapment, and considers the causality of the hunt – who’s being chased and which party is truly at risk?

The concept, filming and editing was a brainchild of Rudolf Coetzer (Homebrew Films) and Jacques Stemmet.

The bar has been set high for both The Valley and local acts alike, proving that just because you’re a relatively “new” act, doesn’t mean that you can’t produce an exceptional product, with the role of The Siren and “victim” being portrayed by Electra Nathania  and Jaekan Coetzee respectively.

Additional credits go to Jaco Loubser, Andiswa Siwela, Merwe Mode, Deeva Merwe, Melanie Rossline, Pieter Seyffret, James Honiball, Adeline Wilkinson and Misha Hough who all contributed to this stellar, game-changing production.

I’ve been saying this ever since I saw The Valley perform the first time; that this is an act to take note of. There’s something to be said for a group that produces a truly unique sound who is humble and takes their craft seriously. I have, time and time again, been left in awe at their live performances and truly hope that it will be the case for many years to come.

I am now, and forever will be, a fan of The Valley.

Check out their video for Siren over here;


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