Two Door Cinema Club Release Music Video For “Are We Ready? (Wreck)”

Two Door Cinema Club recently reemerged into the indie scene with the release of their new single “Are We Ready? (Wreck)” – a glossy piece of indie-pop that deals with the modern generation’s uncomfortable relationship with modern life and their dependence on modern technology. Half-time percussive elements support needling synth-laden guitar riffs while Alex Trimble’s crooning vocals wrap themselves around the instruments to create Two Door Cinema Club’s signature lullaby-styled vocal pattern.

In the wake of the release of this single, the band has also released a music video that is a venomous commentary on mass consumerism and how it affects the psyche of those consumed by the consumer machine. Trimble has this to say about the single and music video: “While I was writing this single I discovered this term weltschmertz, the German word for being at odds with the world around you. The fact that it was a fully coined term and related to so many people that have existed and do exist made me feel it was okay to not exist on the same level as everyone else, it was okay to be comfortable doing your own thing. ‘Are We Ready? (Wreck)’ was me not attacking the world around me but outlining why I don’t really get it and why I don’t fit in with it.”

In the words of video directors Thunderlips (Sean Wallace and Jordan Dobson): “We grew up in a tornado of ads – and I guess we fucking hate them, the video is like our collective nightmare”.

“Are We Ready? (Wreck)” is taken from forthcoming album Gameshow (October 14th on Glassnote and via Just Music in South Africa). Taking in influences ranging from Prince, Chic, Krautrock, Neo Soul and modernist pop, the band’s third album sees them draw on a wide and varied range of styles and influences stretching way beyond the traditional Two Door sound.

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