We Came To Build All Ages Event

We had the privilege of being at We Came To Build on Friday the 18th March, an all ages event aimed at getting the youth involved in the music industry and introducing them to local music put together by the Build Your Scene team.

We Came To Build

In July last year, a local Podcast started called Build Your Scene. For those of you who don’t yet know, podcasts are essentially pre-recorded radio shows made available often for download and free online streaming. The majority of podcasts are created and produced independent from any broadcasting committees or networks (eg. SABC, BBC, etc.) giving them free-reign to discuss, play and say whatever they want without any corporate pressure or censorship.

Build Your Scene have been bringing out high-quality production episodes on a monthly basis in which they focus mainly on the alternative music scene, reporting news for up and coming South African bands along with well-established alternative artists and always featuring a band or prominent figure in an interview or two. They have recently started getting more practically involved in building the scene and this all-ages concert is the first of many milestones to come.

As expected and due to the nature of the event the doors of the Clairmont Civic Centre opened at 18:30 starting with the first band from the get go. I was very pleased to notice the extensive queue at the door, all ages, all the way from Grade 7s through high schoolers and some of the young adult and grown-up scene supporters and music lovers. It was quite a different setting to the usual gigs around Cape Town as these AA shows are very rare nowadays whereas they used to be commonplace about ten years back

No alcohol was on sale for obvious reasons, but instead, there was a bar with soft drinks, water and an overload of MONSTER. The one side of the hall was lined with impressive merch tables where 7 String Studios and Burning Tone Records were selling and advertising their wares.


The BYS team had obviously done a ton preparation as the stalls looked great (there were plenty of t-shirts being sold and worn) and they had pulled some other great sponsors and endorsers, Paul Bothner Music and Metal4AFRICA.COM to name but two, and it seemed to pay off as the hall quickly filled up and the night became a success.

With regards to the actual concert, it was a heavy metal affair, the BYS podcast host Kyle Puller MC’ing in between each set and adding his charisma to the already exciting night and the performances came from some of Cape Town’s best new and old bands:

The Alpha Sequence started the night off. Although quite new on the scene they have accomplished a tremendous amount in the last few months and are a product of hard work and fantastic branding. Their drummer is incredible to watch. Second up was I Became Nothing. Also, a relatively new band who have yet to produce a lot of material but are set to go into recording with Jeandre Viljoen in the near future. A strong musical direction and good stage presence. In my opinion, they have the potential to become the next best South African metal band. Following them was A Price On a King’s Head who played some songs off their EP Regicide. These are the guys who are fortunate enough to be one of the opening bands for Eskimo Callboy’s Cape Town leg of their SA tour later this year. The veterans, Betray the Emissary, were fourth on the stage and they brought it! This melodic hardcore band has been going since 2006 and it is clear by their polished stage presence and interaction. Finally was Atlantic South, the metalcore boys who’ve been making waves for the last year now and released their EP in December, finished off the night with a bang as was expected before the over-18s headed off to Gandalf’s for the after party.

The low point of the night was that if felt like the standard for live sound. It was yet where it was supposed to be as most of the music on the night was lost due to poor sound. The high point was the safety and security of the event. I would gladly drop off my child at an event that was as well organised and positive as this one.

I think it’s also worth mentioning how pleasant it was to go to a show which didn’t only start at 21:30 and where the schedule was kept on time and professionally.

Photos by Keets Designs & Photography

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